Being Truthful – Tara Brach

Being Truthful –

The grounds of happiness, loving relationships and a just and flourishing society is honesty. And yet our current times are characterized by a plethora of deception – both societally, and often in more subtle ways, in our personal lives. This talk examines the deep conditioning we have to deceive others, and to avoid facing and acknowledging our own vulnerability. We then explore how we can commit ourselves to deepening our truth telling, and in so doing, creating a climate of integrity and trust that can lead to a more compassionate world.

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One thought on “Being Truthful – Tara Brach

  1. JSP

    Dear Tara,
    Your teaching and reflections on being truthful deeply moved me. Especially because l realize that the lack of truthfulness was a pervasive companion in my marriage. I am currently going through a divorce.
    Thank you for the powerful words.



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